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Remote Lab Access for Students,Trainers & Trainee’s

Provide students and trainers fast & secure remote access to labs.

Remote Lab Services

We offer corporates and individuals a unique lab environment for 10+ leading technologies,  high-end remote labs access available  24 hours a day, with dedicated Server access –  live-support for up to  500 students can work simultaneously on during virtual training.

Dedicated Remote Labs  & Virtual Private Server

Technologies :

  • Virtualization on Windows

  • Virtualization on Linux

  • Dotnet & SQL on windows

  • JAVA on windows

  • Oracle on windows

  • IMS on windows

  • Testing Micro-focus lab on windows

  • WIndows Server dedicated

  • Storage server – SAN – NAS

  • Cyber Secuirty

Why Virtual Training Labs or Dedicated Labs

Virtual training labs are the easiest means to establish a culture of learning by doing among learners. It facilitates a practice-based learning environment suited for higher knowledge retention compared to traditional passive training modes.

However, a higher percentage of learner engagement is not only advantage associated with cloud-hosted virtual labs. Additional features associated with the use of virtual labs in IT training are:

  • Reduced Training Costs – With virtual labs in place, an organisation can eliminate the costs associated with maintenance of a physical instructor-led lab, or substantial investments in IT. You can also curb wastage of a huge amount of cost in travel as virtual practice labs can be accessed from any location remotely.
  • Improved Scalability – Use of virtual labs can be scaled to meet just about any training requirement. From individuals to a handful of learners or even enterprises with thousands of employees and customers, each learner receives the same high-quality learning experience.
  • Greater Demographic Reach – No matter where the learner is located, as long as the learner has a web browser and internet connectivity, he/she can access any lab and complete hands-on projects on these labs.
  • Pay for what you Use – Virtual labs usage can be gated as per requirement and billed as per the usage. So learners get enough time to explore additional reading materials and come back to practice their learning at convenience.
  • Zero cost : We are offering  additional practice lab hours for any participants who wish to practice after scheduled training hours on zero cost
  • Learning experience : Virtual training labs are widely used to deliver hands-on learning experiences to learners and ranked second in user satisfaction scores.


Use Cases for IT and Technical Training

Customer Training

Any enterprise customer using a new software product might require a virtual or dedicated hands-on training environment that lets them understand the software they will eventually use, but in a consequence-free sandbox environment.

As virtual labs are not mere simulations, these mimic the actual software in a non-production environment. This makes it safe for developing enterprises and end-user to freely experiment without affecting the actual product.

Product Training for Employees

Software product development revolves around frequent updates and releases. Enterprises trying to use a new technology or a new release, their employees need to learn how to use the new product. Virtual labs provide the necessary push required to prepare teams up to speed with hands-on experiences.

Cloud-hosted virtual labs eliminate the need for seemingly insufficient and time-consuming traditional IT configurations and instructor-led training sessions. What else, each learner can access these software practice labs from any browser, ensuring higher user adoption and engagement.

Customer and Partner Training

Enterprises can let their customers and business partners utilize virtual labs for training purposes anytime anywhere. Easy access  to virtual labs avoid long travels or minor risks associated with the installation of software on physical infrastructures.

With having a web browser the only requirement, participation in such software training become extremely reliable with powerful servers in the cloud which facilitates complex data analysis or processing.

Companies using virtual labs for customer and employee training have recovered up to 80% of their team’s training time. This time is utilised to develop and material for customers and close 100% growth in their training attendance.