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Remote Lab Access,IT Service Desk

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The Corporate Services offered by the Company has been a high level of acceptance of these Services in the Corporate Sector – which includes MNCs, Indian Blue-chip Companies and Public Sector Undertakings. This has helped Tvaksa to create a niche in the market in its existing range of operations and has proved to be a One-Stop Solution for Corporate Training.


Training Services

Our In-Company training solution is all about your organization -we can work with you to identify your individual and company wide training needs to deliver a course that meets your needs.

The Corporate Training Program introduced by Tvaksa is basically to provide induction sessions, basic & advance technical skills training initiatives for corporates. To have an effective administration of corporate training certain guidelines have been formed for the success of the training.

Technologies we handle

Microsoft technologies

Oracle technologies

Cloud technologies

Mainframe technologies

Mobile technologies

Big Data & Hadoop

Operating Systems

Data Warehousing

Internet of Things

Quality Policies

The below guidelines/polices followed are in general for either of the training conducted at customer’s place or at our training center

❑ Tvaksa will understand the requirements of the customer training needs.

❑ Tvaksa will identify an internal trainers or an external trainer to conduct the training.

❑ A One-O-One meeting or Telecon between the Trainer and Expert Technical Panel of the Client is carried out in order to understand and customize the training program based on the participant’s skills.

❑ Tvaksa would then present the course materials for its approval

  1. Pre & Post Training Evaluation.
    2. Training with Live Examples and Case Studies.
    3. Trainer feedback on participants.
    4. Participant’s feedback about training.
    5. On request we generally carry out post Training Consulting.
    6. Provide references of trainers from other clients.
    7. Trainer back-up in case of any eventualities.

Identification of Trainers Competencies

Tvaksa Training manager has a database of trainers with respective skills. The trainers are mapped to the customer requirement based on the following criteria.

❑ Technological Competency by evaluating both written and oral

❑ Conduct mock sessions, if required

❑ Communication Skills

❑ Presentation Skills

❑ Ability to Analyze, Understand & Answer the Queries

❑ Deputing as Lab Assistants for Training Programs or Trainee Developers

❑ Feedback from the Corporate where training has been conducted.

❑ Certified Trainers – Microsoft, Sun and Oracle Certified Professionals

❑ Experienced trainers with In-depth knowledge.

❑ Involved in software development and consultancy

❑ Wide exposure to corporate training.

❑ ILT with individualized attention.

❑ Updated with the latest development in the technology.

❑ Provide Real-Time examples.

❑ Provide excellent guidance in case study.

❑ Good communication and Passion for imparting knowledge.

What we do?

Tvaksa in its intention to help the training needs of the corporate community has diligently set up Training Facilities that include :

Training rooms

Infrastructure for different training needs

Providing Training equipment’s for audio and Video solutions

System and Training equipment Administrators for managing the Facilities

We are located at the most commutable spot for Corporate Bangalore at Whitefield where all Companies or Institutions could conduct training based on their agreed schedule. Our team at Tvaksa will gather all your training infrastructure requirements and take up the responsibility to ensure all your needs are furnished for your training space.

Our Accomplishments

With the growing population of Corporate crowd and the demand for increased training needs in the IT and Non It sector, Tvaksa has created its own identity in the training infrastructure facilitation. Our reputation for the services that we provide has constantly raised its mast ahead of all our competitors by providing state of the art facilities and service ethics. With our prestigious client list increasing each day, our dedication and morale to serve our clients better has increased manifolds. We at Tvaksa strive hard to leave no stone unturned to ensure a quality at competitive price facilitation of your training needs.

Our Vision

We have endeavored to always understand and provide the latest in training technology needs. Being in the service of facilitating training. Tvaksa has come a long way in improving the service to provide qualified training infrastructure services. We understand that technology demands can never stay in the frames of the past and hence we are constantly improvising our standards of service and offering with each assignment. We are always keen in obtaining customer feedback and suggestions towards improving our standards to the highest level possible. Our vision towards the future of Tvaksa will always be to provide excellent line of services in all departments of training facilitation and also extend our services to other parts of the corporate community.